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I made electronic arrangements for two songs on this album (Baza Guru). It is music for meditation, deeply rooted in the Bhuddist tradition of the Kingdom of Bhutan. The songs are sung by the famous singer Lhamo Dukpa.
CD release has been on the 15th of December, in Groningen, the Netherlands. It comes with a 12 page booklet containing translations and background information. You can buy a CD from me personall at Bandcamp. Search for downloads in your favourite shops!
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1. Jentsuen Jampel Yang la Chak Tshel lo
2. Baza Guru
3. Labja Norge Bangzoed
4. Tshoglu
5. Baza Guru (Meditational)

Singing: LhamoDukpa
Music: TandinDorji & Ata Yeshi from Bhutan (Songs 1, 3 and 4), Leonardo (songs 2 and 5)
Tune: DorjiWangmo, TsampaGyatse, LhamoDukpa
Photography: Nanda Kumar (Bangalore), Arnold Pilon
Cover Design: Nanda Kumar, Leonardo
Sponsored by: Arnold Pilon, Louwke Mandema

My Special Thanks: Lama KunzangWangdi (Lama Nenku), Lama Kunzang (Jangsa Animal Savings), Karma Rinpoche, TsampaGaytse, LopenKinga Tenzin, KhenSonamDorji, DorjiWangmo, Jambay (UgnenPhenday Ling Resort), RinchenWangdi, Sasha Wakefield (Australia), LopenNamgay, PemaTshering, Nanda Kumar, SridhaRanganath, PhuntshoWangdi, Ani Claudia (Germany), Lama Nidup (Ati-Foundation), Arnold Pilon (Holland) , Louwke Mandema (Holland), Leonardo (Holland) for their continuous support to make my album a success.


Baza Guru
Translation of  Baza Guru and Baza Guru (Meditational); the songs for which I made music.

How   “A DROP IN THE OCEAN” was inspired


The year 2012 was memorable and historic in my life as it has created and rooted the principle and moral values of the Project "A drop in the Ocean" which has unlimited advantages of emancipating the people; who are in dire need of help at any point of time. The magical event took place when I travelled to Stockholm from Bhutan for taking a course on copy right. As preplanned I had to fly to Groningen  after the training to participate in a show, which was organized by my friends for the good cause of collecting some money for the reconstruction of Wangduephodrang Dzong in Bhutan, which was unfortunately gutted by fire on 24th June 2012. Mr. Arnold Pilon, who is a staunch friend of Bhutan was really taken aback when he heard about the incident. He is the pioneer for establishing  the personal and professional relationship between Holland and Bhutan. In the year 2008, during the Coronation of the 5th King he under took a big project to travel by road all way from Holland to Bhutan. As he and his friends had successfully completed the targeted journey they were also able to witness the ceremony and events of the coronation.


The concert at Groningen  would not have been successful if Mr. Arnold Pilon and his Dutch Musicians Ms Linde and Mr. Bert were not involved in the show. The Dutch people by nature and could go to any extend in helping anyone for good cause. So they invested all their emotional and spiritual energy in collecting the money for Wangduephodrang Dzong.  In the show most of the people said that what they contribute is insignificant  to what they actually wished to offered. To such unconditional kind gestures I spontaneously exclaimed that, "it is not the amount of the money that one contributes, but the intention and genuine feelings which counts on the moral and spiritual values" To further illustrate this principle I cited a buddhist saying, which compares a small genuine contribution as a drop added to the ocean, which will be part of the ocean and remain until the ocean dries up. This buddhist philosophy of compassion brought tears in their eyes and has vibrated the heart of everyone. To my surprise, after the show Mr. Arnold Pilon handed over a piece of paper to me and as I eagerly unfolded it, I saw a phrase inscribed as  “A drop in the Ocean”. He said that it is worth to produce an Album on the principle of compassion and he went to the extent of sponsoring the production  of the Album, which would be sold for good cause.


Later he visited Bhutan in April which gave us more opportunity to seriously discuss about the production of the said album. I told him that as I being one of the founders of Kidney Foundation, it would be worthwhile to donate 50% of the sale product of the CD to the said Foundation, which moved him further and inspired me to make further commitment.


The Meditational songs that I am singing are very sacred tunes with symbolic values. 


Lhamo Dukpa.