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February 2018. Still going strong. Much has happened inside the studio. I acquired some new gear and build wooden cases to integrate them in the studio. It all looks very nice now and it works fantastic. For electric guitar I finally have a mega pedalboard that serves all my needs. It took me many years to gather all the effects. New to the family is a looping device. For live sequencing and synth twiddling I now have a perfect minimal set which includes the Moog Sub Phatty, a Reon Driftbox, Nord Lead Rack and two sequencers. That's a lot of knobs and possibilities! I have to think about this live set because I will need it on the 16th of June, later this year in Groningen.
I made recordings of jamsessions that I did in the studio. Synths, sequences, organs and some guitar. Mostly simple recordings, some with overdubs. I am sorting them out and maybe I will release some of it.

Furthermore I am still working on the new Astral Son album. It has been taking shape over a year. Slowly, slowly it is nearing completion.

December 2017: Son of Ohm was nominated for the Schallwelle award 2017!! You can vote for album and artist now!!

Review of Astronaut in Dutch progressive rock magazine iO Pages!

“Astronaut” by Son of Ohm:
Album of the week #50 – 2017 – On Modul303

November 2017: Review on Hippiesland!
".....ein symphonisches Gesamt-Meisterwerk, bei dem vom Flow her alles perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt ist...."

October 2017: Astronaut has been released on the Neu Harmony label! On high quality CDr! get it at SynthMusicDirect.

Son of Ohm, Astronaut         

September 2017: The new Son of Ohm album 'Astronaut' is ready...!
The album contains five songs and a cosmic bonus track. All very analog with synths/sequencers, organs and a bit of electric space guitar.
Released as a download on Bandcamp and soon on CD-r on the Neu Harmony label.

Dutch review of Astronaut on New Underground Music Go!!

June 2017: Syrinx has been released on the Neu Harmony label! On high quality CDr!


May 2017: I'm in the process of making a new Astral Son Album. I may have a couple of surprises, more about that later!

New plugin
: Vortex Tape Synth.

What an incredible year it has been!! I am thankful for the many opportunities it has given me! First the Silver Moon CD was released at Sulatron Records. That gave Astral Son a real boost.
I completed the Astral Son Trilogy by releasing Mind's Eye on CD (Sulatron) and vinyl (Headspin). What an incredible ride it has been making those three albums in my little studio. And watching them grow in the big outside-world. People connecting to the music, radio, reviews and interviews in printed magazines... With Mind's Eye I sure didn't make it easy on listeners, haha!! But it had to be done. After Turn on, Tune in there had to be a Drop out, right? Now I'm free to make whatever new music I please.
A special mighty Thank You to Dave&Lulu at Sulatron and Clio at Headspin Records for getting the music out in this world!! You are the positive people!!
The Magic Buzz is getting stronger, my friends!
Love, Music and Yoga! Do it!!

Mind's Eye did very well. I'm so happy everything went smooth before the end of the year!! There were so many difficulties during production and it wasn't sure if the vinyl could be released in 2016. But it did!!!
The album is included in some 'Best of 2016' lists and
I'm very proud of that!
Alongside some of the albums that I got myself this year like Kikagaku Moyo, Constantine and Sun Dial. Great!!!! This means recognition for the work I do. Also recognition among fellow musicians.

Inside the studio I also made some changes. I got myself a Moog Synthesizer, at last!!! This autumn I made an electronic album and it will be released somewhere next year. Unfortunately my PC broke down so I have to get a new one, which means no money for mastering. So be Patient for the new Son of Ohm album. It is different, but if you dig the electronic sound of the seventies you'll love it.

I'm full of ideas and inspiration so I can't wait to get back to the studio again!!! See you somewhere in 2017!

December 2016: Astral Son:
The vinyl by Headspin Records is ready!!!
Looking great!! Limited to 250 Green/yellow marbled & 250 Black!

Sulatron Records has released the CD in September!! Also on Bandcamp (download & cd) and many other download shops now!!!

Astral Son - Mind's Eye

1. Time for Change 9’03
2. Brainstorm 4’51
3. The Way 3’38
4. See Your Self 4’26
5. Dream 6’36
6. Mind’s Eye 9’27
7. The Observer 2’19
8. This Trip 3’49

November 2016:
The new organic electronic Son of Ohm album is amazing. It's almost ready. Five analog drenched cosmic songs, only synths, organs, some electric guitar and drum machine. I've been playing around with a sequencer for a nice interactive live feel. Stay tuned!!

Son of Ohm

The three albums with Dutch beat poet Egbert Hovenkamp II are on Bandcamp now! This is very obscure and strange stuff we did in the period 2010/2013. Limited editions of Músarrindill & AARDE on CD as well.
Check them out!


June 2016: I did a live performance at Cosmic Grunn!
Weaving some cosmic music patterns with synth, organ, sequencer & spaceguitar...

Here´s a nice compilation of Cosmic Grunn by Jan Kuipers

March 2016: Sulatron Records has released Silver Moon on CD!!!

Needless to say that I'm mighty proud!!


October 2015:
My new electronic album
Syrinx has been released under the moniker Son of Ohm
From now on I will use this name for my electronic productions! There is also a
new website
I will maintain the LeonardoSoundWeaver site for all updates regarding my different projects.

Syrinx - Son of Ohm
Bandcamp Check out the album at Bandcamp!

Syrinx is only hardware synths, organs, audio generator, analog drum and electric space guitar.

The new Astral Son album Silver Moon (2015):

Silver Moon Released by Headspin Records July 2015.
Limited to 150 copies on BLUE/WHITE/BLACK marbled vinyl, 150 copies on SILVER/BLACK marbled vinyl and 200 copies on BLACK vinyl!

Go to Bandcamp to check the album!!! Downloads from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. are also available. 

Silver Moon - Astral Son 

Silver Moon from the album Silver Moon!

We did the Cosmic Grunn jam (July 2015)! It was great! Some of us did solo performances.
I also made a song for ther occasion...See on Youtube

More info Cosmic Grunn

Mantra Electronique, an instrumental electronic album (2013)

Leonardo - Mantra Electronique  Bandcamp

Astral Son - Gurumaya  Headspin Records

The following electronic albums are available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc: Origine, Electronic Reality, Elements, Sabda and Drones.

Leonardo - Origine Leonardo - Electronic Reality Leonardo - Elements Leonardo - Sabda Leonardo - Drones

Gesammtkunstwerk  (2014)
New Band1971 Album!!


EgBard & Leonardo Soundweaver, a nice pair...! Listen to Dutch Beat poet Egbert Hovenkamp II.

A nice Pair







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