New Vinyl album ‘Mythos’

“Fantastic! The ghost of a late ’60s, early ’70s Pink Floyd is all over the album! Absolutely trippy!! ~Timemazine.

After a five year hiatus solo artist Astral Son returns with the neo-psychedelic treasure trove, Mythos. Eight surrealistic sound-paintings, sprinkled with kraut, acid-folk and electronic flavours. Mythos is a free flowing, blooming, ever expanding, multi-layered listening experience. Tapping into the mysterious sounds of the late sixties and early seventies, each song is a world of its own, reaching out for far regions of the mind, dissolving time and space…

Vinyl edition 200 coloured/100 black by Headspin Records.

All vocals and instruments by Astral Son: organs, Moog synthesizer, electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, Indian harmonium, drum programming, tabla, tingsha, cymbals, cowbell and other sounds.
Composed, performed and produced by Astral Son.
Mastering by Michiel Cornelisse.

released October 14, 2023

Listen here