Waar het Stroomt (2012)

My creativity has led me to strange places…Dutch electronic/acoustic poetry minstrel Leoweyn started out as a joke. I made a bunch of poems and for fun put some on music. And it went on. It became a whole story. I had set no boundaries except a certain sound and feeling that I had in mind. I had a lot in mind. The instruments I played were many: Acoustic and electric guitars, voices, organs, synths, bass guitar, mridangam, small percussion. This album has a very different sound and because of the singing it also has lots of meaning. The only thing is that I didn’t release it, although it has a lot of potential. Some of my friends even think it is one of the best things I ever did….The only thing is that is sung in Dutch and plays with Dutch mentality…!!

Yeahyeah! I must release it some day! It needs to be heard!

Leoweyn, Waar het Stroomt,  2012.

   1. haan 0’53
   2. pil 1’23
   3. fluiten 0’41
   4. hemels gewelf 1’18
   5. magisch oord 0’36
   6. koning 1’17
   7. oude zielen 2’02
   8. land te koop 2’02
   9. de bron
 10. wiegen 4’30
 11. idioten en dwazen 1’35
 12. ruimtetijd 3’19
 13. denken 1’11
 14. waanzin 3’01
 15. ruimteschip 2’46
 16. lucht 1’46
 17. laat het los 2’52
 18. jij en ik 2’12
 19. spel 3’14
 20. beleving 1’45