Psychedelic & Spaced

Psychedelic, Krautrock, Space Rock, Drones, Electronic, Cosmic, Experimental…

This is the era in which I was searching for The Sound. That is trying to find a way to fuse the rock-space guitar into electronic music. What you find here is instrumental electronic music with lots of electric guitar. It has all the elements that eventually merged into my psychedelic entity Astral Son. The electronic music evolved into Son of Ohm, which has just a touch of electric guitar in the background. The next step I see ahead is the merging of Astral Son & Son of Ohm….
Also see psychedelic/spacerock incarnation
Astral Son

Cosmic Meditation (2012)

Cosmic Meditation has four tracks with lots of improvised electric and glissando guitar! Starting point for each song was a drone, a small programmed sequence or arpeggio, giving it a steady forward movement. Several organs and synthesizers were played live along with that. Now I had a nice flowing soundscape. Next step was to plug in my guitar, tune and play.

Music composed, produced and performed by Leonardo, 2012.

Inner Space Dimension (2012)

Cosmic synth sounds, old school sequencing, space guitar, organ and even some vocals…. Long soundscapes, riffs and improvisation…this album has many different atmospheres.

In 2022 I decided to remix track 4 & 5. Soon I found myself not only remixing but also recording new parts and I completely changed the lyrics & vocals. I also found a song in the vaults that I forgot about and added it to the album (Lost Dimension).

Instruments played: synthesizer, organ, electric guitar, flute,
bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric tampura, mridangam,
cymbals, voice, small percussion.

Composed, produced and performed by Leonardo, 2012.

Remixed 2022.

The albums Temple, Open and The Turning Point form a trilogy:

“A movement from the seventies towards 2007”.

Temple (2007)

Temple is the electric space guitar album that I had in mind, that I wanted to hear, because at that time I didn’t know such an album. It is a relatively slow and peaceful album with many electric guitar colours and experimentation. As it progresses synthesizer and drum computer find their way in the sound spectrum. This album was very much inspired by the sounds Ash Ra Tempel, early seventies and has an overal Berlin School vibe. It also was the first album on Sulatron Records, long, long time ago. On CD-r, very home-made!

Composed, produced and performed by Leonardo, 2007.

Open (2007)

Proceeding from Temple towards a new era. The album bounces from dance to minimal to cosmic floating without rhythm, from completely synthesized and programmed to multiple layered electric guitar, floating Deep Space and India. It has many colours and it will take you gladly on a little journey…!

Composed, produced and performed by Leonardo, 2007.

The Turning Point (2007)

Last one of the trilogy, together with Temple and Open. An eclectic album, dense and urgent. This is a planet in stress, inevitably racing towards the Turning Point. Moving into a slightly more psychedelic mode, with some of the first traces of Astral Son , approaching from afar (Psy Fields, Jewel). Electronic stuff, electric guitar, microphones and creativity….Instrumental, vocal…riff and beat…. After finishing this album, I really needed a serious break because it was very intense. After this I slowed down and produced the album Sabda, the complete opposite, meditational.

Soundweaver (2005)

Soundweaver is an attempt to make a mix between electronic and psychedelic music. After making a bunch of electronic albums I had the wish to put the electric guitar on the foreground because I also had (and have) a strong interest in the psychedelic music of the late sixties and early seventies. So there is a lot of spontaneous experimenting with electric guitar. (I made use of an old Korg Guitar Synthesizer, along with the usual fuzz, distortion, wah and delay units.) The organ also plays a more prominent role; different types were used.

Composed, produced and performed by Leonardo, 2005.