Psychedelic & Spaced

Psychedelic, Krautrock, Space Rock, Drones, Electronic, Cosmic, Experimental…

This is the era in which I was searching for The Sound. That is trying to find a way to fuse the rock-space guitar into electronic music. What you find here is instrumental electronic music with lots of electric guitar. It has all the elements that eventually merged into my psychedelic entity Astral Son. The electronic music evolved into Son of Ohm, which has just a touch of electric guitar in the background. The next step I see ahead is the merging of Astral Son & Son of Ohm….
Also see psychedelic/spacerock incarnation
Astral Son

Cosmic Meditation (2012)

Inner Space Dimension (2012)

Temple (2007)

Open (2007)

The Turning Point (2007)

Soundweaver (2005)