What’s happening??

A lot is happening at the moment. Zeitgeist, The Lo-Fi Backspace Camembert Files and last week I made a new electronic album. The latter is pretty barebone, impressionistic I’d say. Again based around spontaneous electronic jamsessions, recorded on two track. Three songs, one only has guitar overdub, another has effects and coloration overdubs and the last song is like it was recorded in one go. I think I will leave it like that.

And now the news. I restored my midi setup and my polphonic synths are ready to go. I found really good Linn Drum samples. So you can guess where I’m going. This is not a new thing, I’ve been doing this many years ago and it was always in the back of my mind. This is really exciting. And it is neither Son of Ohm or Astral Son. A new chapter.