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--Leonardo Soundweaver Organic Electronic & Psychedelic Music Production--

I'm in the process of changing my name. Huh?! Well, for the download shops, because there my name is just Leonardo, which is very confusing. There are so many Leonardo's out there, and my music is in the wrong category because of that. Unless you associate Samba or Argentina with my music.... 

So soon my name will be  Leonardo Soundweaver  on all platforms, so people can actually find me!!!

My psychedelic side-project, Astal Son, has been pressed on vinyl by Dutch label Headspin!
The release will be 15 March 2014. Limited 300 copies black vinyl, 200 copies colored vinyl!
There is a website for Astral Son, www.astralson.com where I will continue my psychedelic efforts.

Listen here.

Astral Son - Gurumaya  Headspin Records

EgBard & Leonardo Soundweaver, a nice pair...! Listen to Dutch Beat poet Egbert Hovenkamp II.

A nice Pair

The following electronic albums are available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc: Origine, Electronic Reality, Elements, Sabda and Drones.

Leonardo - Origine Leonardo - Electronic Reality Leonardo - Elements Leonardo - Sabda Leonardo - Drones

Introducing Mantra Electronique, a new instrumental electronic album.

Leonardo - Mantra Electronique  Bandcamp

The album 'A Drop in the Ocean' is has been released on CD!! It is a very special project with musicians from Bhutan. It is meditation music; ancient mantras with new melodies, sung by Lhamo Dukpa. My contribution is the arrangement and production of two songs. Also on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.

The music has been received very well!!!!

Lhamo Dukpa - A Drop in the Ocean  Bandcamp  Yantra webshop 







All music composed, produced and performed by Leonardo Soundweaver. Artwork and webdesign by Leonardo.